Everyone likes the miracle...

Fantastic and futuristic at the same time! I really want everyone to experience it.

With fusion technology, we re-interpreted some classic games and made some new ones.

You can meditate with it, but it can also be an adrenaline bomb. (Race challange) We have worked so hard to find the right page (game) for everybody.

No need to have a phone do not need any app just fun. You can play it alone or even more. A common game brings people together and so passes through exciting moments.


First Secret of miracle

Paint from far away without touching

You can draw on the book's page without having to touch the page of book


Second Secret of miracle

What you draw is going to light up

bright glow glows that you have drawn so it can be seen in the dark


The basic story of the book

With the help of the book you can look at different worlds. In different worlds, others are toys and tasks, where you have to pay attention to time where you should not make mistakes. There are some where you have to answer the question and there is a world where you can not make mistakes and make time...